Introducing Balance

Today, we introduce you to the first look of Balance. At this time, Balance is in its early alpha stage, where we are in the process of shaping features and using the app internally. To get on the early access list, visit Balance.

What’s included in the alpha release

Budgets, Categories, and Buckets

Balance provides you a way to create a budget and track your spending categories. It uses the zero-based budgeting method, where the core idea is is to assign any money you make or spend to a category. It sounds stressful at first—perhaps even a little frustrating—but once you get in the cadence, it’s a game-changer.

You create your budget, and we provide you a way to map transactions to categories. You can even group multiple categories inside buckets to have a logical separation.

Financial Institutions

Having your financial data in one place is the key to knowing your financial picture. You don’t have to log into all your financial institutions to know your balances or see your transaction history. Balance allows you to link your financial institutions right inside the app. This helps you have the most up-to-date information about your current financial standpoint all in one place.

Financial institutions in Balance

Transactions and Transaction Reviewer

The final piece that factors into your financial well-being is knowing how your money flows. Transactions are imported from your linked institutions automatically. Transactions, at first, are imported to the Transaction Reviewer. Here, you review each transaction and categorize it. Transaction Reviewer helps you notice inconsistencies, track refunds, and even detect potentially fraudulent charges.

A note on security

We understand the risk of importing financial data to a 3rd-party application. That is why we treat the privacy and security of your data as first-class citizens. Rest assured, we are drafting our security and privacy practices and we will publish them here.

What’s next?

This first step for us was getting the basic budgeting flow out the door. That said, we have some great ideas and features in our pipeline, which we plan on shipping over the next few months. We will also be publishing a monthly changelog if you want to follow along.

Until next time ✌️

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